Fortnite's new PVE survival mode Daybreak looks set to launch soon

Eurogamer - Tue, 11/05/2021 - 13:04

Fortnite looks ready to launch its sandbox survival mode, Daybreak, according to files added in today's new 16.40 patch.

We've seen glimpses of Daybreak before, in leaked files from previous patches and also, intriguingly, via internal documentation released as part of the ongoing Apple v Epic trial, dated from last year. This suggested it has been in the works for quite some time, and was set to arrive a lot sooner.

"You wake up alone and unarmed along the coast of an island, with no memory of how you arrived," states a leaked description for the mode. "Quickly search for weapons and ammunition before night falls and creatures begin to roam the hillsides, hunting for prey. Keep an eye out for other stranded people they may prove to be invaluable allies in your fight to stay alive on the increasingly hostile island.

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Baby Chris, Lady X and Dante lead the early days of Resident Evil Village modding

Eurogamer - Tue, 11/05/2021 - 13:00

It's early days in the burgeoning demand for Resident Evil Village mods, but already the community has come up with some... interesting tweaks.


Mini Me Chris is one of the more eye-catching mods, simply because of how nightmarish it is. Modder JTeghius Kittius said: "This was a dumb joke that popped into my head so I had to do this."

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"Unbannable" Apex Legends cheater faces potential legal action

Eurogamer - Tue, 11/05/2021 - 12:59

Respawn recently reassured players that it was exploring "every avenue" to take down Apex Legends cheaters - legal action being one of them - and it seems one high-profile cheater is already facing something worse than the ban hammer. Prolific cheater Tufi, who some in the Apex Legends community have described as a "God" and "unbannable" cheater, is apparently facing some form of legal action from Respawn - although details remain light on exactly how far this has progressed.

Earlier this week Apex Legends streamer Tanner "Rogue" Trebb announced during a stream that Tufi was "in jail", later clarifying in a Reddit comment that the jail comment was a joke, but reaffirming that Tufi is facing legal action and "100 percent in the courts no basketball".

Dot Esports contacted Respawn and was told the developer was unable to discuss the matter, citing an inability to comment on legal action.

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Twelve Minutes is easier to understand when you think of it as a theatrical play

Eurogamer - Tue, 11/05/2021 - 12:38

Twelve Minutes begins to make a lot more sense to me when the director, Luis Antonio, talks about it being like a play. It's not that the central time-looping concept is hard to grasp, nor that it's confusing to play - it's absolutely neither of those things. But it's hard to see how such a contained set of ideas can fill eight to 10 hours of the game's duration. Particularly as, after 25 minutes, I've apparently seen 95 percent of all the objects and things I can interact with. But when he says, "We're going for kind of a character piece like a theatre play," I begin to understand.

There are few, if any, distractions. There's one small set - an apartment - three characters, a few props, and that's it. And there are no gamey exaggerations like flashy powers or combat systems, or anything like that. Instead, there's the characters, and a drama that comes through them, through the things they say and the things they do. Like in a play. Except it's a play that rewinds roughly every 12 minutes and then runs again, and when it does, someone makes a change and triggers a chain reaction in which new character discoveries can occur. And that's how the story emerges, in evolving loops of time.

For example, the first loop around, everything was new to me. I returned home late and found the spare key to let myself in, at which point my wife came from the bedroom to announce she had news to share with me over a special dessert, which I fetched from the fridge. (Incidentally, it's a very simple game to play, like an old adventure game: one button to click on objects in the environment and drag them in or out of an inventory, and combine them together.) Then came the fateful knock on the door, from a man claiming to be the police. Naturally, I let him in, but I shouldn't have. Things went from bad to worse and I blacked out not long after. I returned to my senses as I entered my apartment again, with my wife coming out of the bedroom to greet me as though nothing had happened. It hadn't: time had rewound. But I remembered. I knew danger was coming. I could warn her, I could arm myself, I could lock the door. But would any of these things work?

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Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector now out in July

Eurogamer - Tue, 11/05/2021 - 12:07

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector comes out 15th July on PC, PlayStation and Xbox priced £30.99, publisher Slitherine has announced.

The PC version of the Blood Angels versus Tyranids turn-based strategy game was due out in May, with the console versions to follow in the summer. But Slitherine is now going for a joined-up launch across all platforms in July.

Battlesector is developed by Black Lab Games, maker of the well-received Battlestar Galactica Deadlock. It's described as "battle-scale", and based on gameplay it's a scale bigger than leading turn-based strategy game XCOM, but smaller than the likes of Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon.

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Epic v Apple trial debates appropriateness of Fortnite's naked banana man Peely

Eurogamer - Tue, 11/05/2021 - 12:04

It was inevitable: the appropriateness of Fortnite's bizarre banana man Peely has now been discussed in open court.

Last night, in the ongoing Apple v Epic trial, Peely came under scrutiny for being a naked piece of fruit with arms and legs.

In remarks transcribed from the courtroom by Verge reporter Adi Robertson, a lawyer for Apple brought up Peely in court and made a deal of showing the character wearing clothes (his Chapter 2 Season 2 Bond-esque Agent Peely tuxedo).

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IBM's CodeNet Dataset Can Teach AI To Translate Computer Languages

Slashdot - Tue, 11/05/2021 - 12:02
IBM announced during its Think 2021 conference on Monday that its researchers have crafted a Rosetta Stone for programming code. Engadget reports: In effect, we've taught computers how to speak human, so why not also teach computers to speak more computer? That's what IBM's Project CodeNet seeks to accomplish. "We need our ImageNet, which can snowball the innovation and can unleash this innovation in algorithms," [Ruchir Puri, IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist at IBM Research, said during his Think 2021 presentation]. CodeNet is essentially the ImageNet of computers. It's an expansive dataset designed to teach AI/ML systems how to translate code and consists of some 14 million snippets and 500 million lines spread across more than 55 legacy and active languages -- from COBOL and FORTRAN to Java, C++, and Python. "Since the data set itself contains 50 different languages, it can actually enable algorithms for many pairwise combinations," Puri explained. "Having said that, there has been work done in human language areas, like neural machine translation which, rather than doing pairwise, actually becomes more language-independent and can derive an intermediate abstraction through which it translates into many different languages." In short, the dataset is constructed in a manner that enables bidirectional translation. That is, you can take some legacy COBOL code -- which, terrifyingly, still constitutes a significant amount of this country's banking and federal government infrastructure -- and translate it into Java as easily as you could take a snippet of Java and regress it back into COBOL. CodeNet can be used for functions like code search and clone detection, in addition to its intended translational duties and serving as a benchmark dataset. Also, each sample is labeled with its CPU run time and memory footprint, allowing researchers to run regression studies and potentially develop automated code correction systems. Project CodeNet consists of more than 14 million code samples along with 4000-plus coding problems collected and curated from decades' of programming challenges and competitions across the globe. "The way the data set actually came about," Puri said, "there are many kinds of programming competitions and all kinds of problems -- some of them more businesslike, some of them more academic. These are the languages that have been used over the last decade and a half in many of these competitions with 1000s of students or competitors submitting solutions." Additionally, users can run individual code samples "to extract metadata and verify outputs from generative AI models for correctness," according to an IBM press release. "This will enable researchers to program intent equivalence when translating one programming language into another." [...] IBM intends to release the CodeNet data to the public domain, allowing researchers worldwide equal and free access.

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PS5 stock: latest updates on where to buy the PlayStation 5

Eurogamer - Tue, 11/05/2021 - 11:47

PS5 stock is starting to arrive - at last! After a lengthy delay throughout April, PS5 consoles were made available at a number of retailers last week, with more set to follow over the next few days. You can stick with this page for all the latest updates for each individual store. You can also find where the Xbox Series X is available to buy on our dedicated Xbox Series X/S stock page.

Remember, you can always find up-to-the-minute stock up updates on the Jelly Deals Twitter.

Latest: As predicted, we've seen some PS5 stock be made available this week. Argos once again led the way with a drop in the early hours of the morning. This was followed by Game, ShopTo and Asda in the days after. Now, the key stores to follow this week are Amazon, Very and John Lewis. All are expected to drop from 18th May onwards. Of course, these dates are little more than rumours and subject to change.

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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 re-release "on the table"

Eurogamer - Tue, 11/05/2021 - 11:29

A PC port of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is coming later this year, Black Isle Studios has confirmed.

The cult classic console RPG re-released last week on PlayStation and Xbox consoles (the Nintendo Switch version is still M.I.A.). The console launch trailer is below:

"The PC port of BG:DA is in the works and coming later this year," Black Isle tweeted.

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Get this top 1TB SSD for just £67.64, £22 off its normal price

Eurogamer - Tue, 11/05/2021 - 10:40

Update: The MX500 is now back to its usual price, but another excellent value 1TB SSD has also been discounted - the Samsung 860 Qvo, which has gone from £99 to £70. We posted about this first on Twitter, so do follow @dealsfoundry to see the latest deals as we find them!

Original article continues below:

The Crucial MX500 has been our top SATA SSD recommendation for a little while now, so when I saw the 1TB model had been discounted to £67.64 on Amazon UK I had to tell you about it. You see, the MX500 is often the best value SSD available, and so far this year it's sat around the £90 mark - so today's ~25 percent discount on top of that is pretty outstanding.

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Resident Evil Village ships over 3m copies

Eurogamer - Tue, 11/05/2021 - 10:20

Capcom has shipped over 3m copies of Resident Evil Village, the company has announced.

The horror game went on sale on Friday, 7th May, and has launched strong. (Digital Foundry's Resident Evil Village tech breakdown is in the video below:)

In the UK, Village is already the second-highest UK boxed debut this year, beaten only by Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, and has set franchise records for concurrent players on Steam.

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Voyager 1 Detects Plasma 'Hum'

Slashdot - Tue, 11/05/2021 - 10:02
Obipale shares a report from Phys.Org: Voyager 1 -- one of two sibling NASA spacecraft launched 44 years ago and now the most distant human-made object in space -- still works and zooms toward infinity. The craft has long since zipped past the edge of the solar system through the heliopause -- the solar system's border with interstellar space -- into the interstellar medium. Now, its instruments have detected the constant drone of interstellar gas (plasma waves), according to Cornell University-led research published in Nature Astronomy. Examining data slowly sent back from more than 14 billion miles away, Stella Koch Ocker, a Cornell doctoral student in astronomy, has uncovered the emission. "It's very faint and monotone, because it is in a narrow frequency bandwidth," Ocker said. "We're detecting the faint, persistent hum of interstellar gas." This work allows scientists to understand how the interstellar medium interacts with the solar wind, Ocker said, and how the protective bubble of the solar system's heliosphere is shaped and modified by the interstellar environment.

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The Game Boy Printer lives on in the instax mini Link Special Edition

Eurogamer - Tue, 11/05/2021 - 09:00

I never asked my parents for a Game Boy Printer for Christmas, because I knew, like a skateboard or a Digivice, it fell into the land of items I wasn't allowed to have. Looking back, this is probably because I knew they knew I'd get bored of it far too quickly. Still, I desperately wanted a picture of the backbone of my Pokémon Yellow team, my main shrew, Fred the Sandslash. The original Fred, sadly, would never be immortalised in a black-and-white photograph, but the Game Boy Printer has been reborn as the instax mini Link Special Edition.

Through the use of the dedicated Instax for Nintendo Switch app and the console's ability to connect to smart devices, this printer allows you to turn your favourite screenshots into small photographs. Uploading your chosen screenshots is a quick process and the app remembers any past photos you've printed, which streamlines reprinting. The app also contains a number of editing features - zoom, adding text, changing the brightness or adding a filter - which, while basic, are easy to use, especially for beginners. Best of all, and most importantly, the quality of the printed screenshots is great, with each one retaining all the colour and vitality of the original version. It means I'm now the happy owner of a picture I took of an Alolan Sandslash - I call him Ice Fred - I took in New Pokémon Snap.

Aside from printing screenshots, the main draw of this printer is the opportunity to place a Nintendo themed frame around your picture. There are three sets of frames to choose from - Super Mario Bros, New Pokémon Snap and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is great for people who haven't written 93 guides on this particular game. All of the frames fall into that particular brand of Nintendo sweetness, allowing you to add an extra flair to a screenshot without removing any of its quality. These frames do come at the cost of clipping the screenshot, so you may find yourself repositioning the picture to create the photo you desire. There are also only three dedicated landscape frames, which means you will feel more inclined towards portrait styled screenshots.

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