Dell Service Tags to Express Service Codes with Powershell

Knowing the Express Service Code greatly speeds up your Dell support experience. Unfortunately they can't be read from WMI like Service Tags. You can use a tool to convert the tags / codes on Dell's website, but that is not always convenient and for Enterprise customers often not feasible (f. ex. because you need to convert 1000+ Tags).

I couldn't find a Powershell converter for this task on the internet, but lots of VB and JS variants. So I went ahead and made one.

function convertfrom-base36 {

param ([parameter(valuefrompipeline=$true, HelpMessage="Alphadecimal string to convert")][string]$ToConvert="")
$CharList = "0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
$inputarray = $ToConvert.tolower().tochararray()


foreach ($c in $inputarray) {
$result += $CharList.IndexOf($c) * [long][Math]::Pow(36, $pos)

Converts an alphadecimal (base36) string to a decimal (base10) number.

Primarily made to convert Dell Service Tags to Dell Express Service Codes,
this function will convert alphadecimal strings to int64.

Not much (nothing) has been done to validate inputs or catch overflows.

V 1.0 Mirko Schnellbach 10 June 2011

The alphadecimal string to convert.

String. The alphadecimal string to convert.

int64. Base10 representation of input.


"BQHW92J" | convertfrom-base36


convertfrom-base36 "BQHW92J"



Thanks and credit

To Michael Stum for his C# version!